Some people says that coffee is black and bitter. But many people love that black and bitter coffee so much.

You know? Maybe coffee should be black as hell and strong as death. But if you add some sugar it can as sweet as love.

So, would you still drink the bitter coffee?


The Myth behind Mint origin is that Pluto’s Wife, Proserpina, casted a spell on her rival, Minthe, and turned her into a plant. That plant name Mint.

Pluto, who fell in love with Minthe tried but couldn’t break the spell.

Hence, the sweet fragrance of the Mint is the beauty of that Lady.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is sweet. It was also delicious.

But, in another situation, ice cream make our teeth ache. Especially when our teeth are sensitive.

However many people says that they are still love that Ice cream.

Look like love, is’n it? 


The smells of Vanilla is soft and elegant. It was more impressed as Aromatherapy. So calm and comfortable.

But, the Essen of Vanilla has such bitter taste.

Even so, it would still be sweet vanilla flavor. Sweet and tasty.


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i'm an ELF really really really really Lee Donghae and Lee Hyuk Jae joahae...... i think both of them are perfect....

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